Verify with AgeID and get instant access to our network of age-restricted websites.

Check my age

What is AgeID?

Starting in April 2018 you will be required to verify your age in order to access adult content in the UK according to the new Digital Economy Act 2017. Unlike existing “Over 18?” age gates, a proof of age will be mandatory.

AgeID provides a simple and secure solution for age verification while ensuring data integrity and fraud control. Register just once and get access to our fast-growing network of adult websites.

How does it work?

AgeID is very simple to use. Here is a step-by-step guide on how it works:

  1. Register an AgeID account;
  2. Verify your email address;
  3. Choose your age verification method from our list of trusted providers;
  4. On passing the check, access is granted;
  5. Next time you visit any AgeID site, simply login and gain instant access.

AgeID Benefits


AgeID provides a quick verification process through our partners. You only have to verify yourself once and AgeID will give you access to all sites on its network. Choose the method you prefer and access a world of age-restricted content in no time!


AgeID stores the bare minimum of data to help combat fraud, increase security and administer your account. All information is encrypted so you can rest assured that it will not be revealed in the unlikely event of a data breach. All data entered to verify your age is secured by our providers, not AgeID.

GDPR Compliant

AgeID considers user privacy to be its highest priority. We follow GDPR guidelines, ensuring users can withdraw their account and delete their credentials at any time.