Why do I need to get age verified?

The new Digital Economy Act 2017 aims to restrict commercially available, pornographic material to those over 18. The main goal of this new law is to prevent children from stumbling upon sensitive content.

Once enforced, users of these sites will be required to verify their age before they can access the content. This is an important topic that concerns parents, website owners and regulators, who all share a responsibility to make the web a safe place for our children.

Do I have to reveal my identity to AgeID?

No. AgeID grants or declines user’s access to a website based on their age. The verification process is handled by third-party services, so it is not necessary to reveal your identity to AgeID.

Does AgeID store my identity information?

TNo, AgeID does not store any identity information. When users access AgeID, they are redirected to a secure third party service, which will verify if the user is 18+. The only information that comes back to AgeID is the answer to the question: “Is this user over 18?” which will be either “Yes” or “No”. The information you will be requested to provide will not be accessible by AgeID.

Does AgeID have access to my credit card number or bank details?

No. Age verification through AgeID is private, easy to use and trustworthy. AgeID does not receive or store any data handled by the third party company like your name, bank details or credit card number.

Do I have to go to the post office or bank to get age verified?

No. AgeID offers multiple alternatives for a seamless age verification process. You can get age verified through a credit card, mobile SMS, passport or driver’s license. All verification is online, so there is no need to go to the post office or bank.

Do I have to call my credit card company to get age verified?

No, there is no need for you to call your credit card company to get age verified as everything is processed online.

Do I need a credit card to get age verified?

No. A credit card is one of the verification methods offered by AgeID, but it is not mandatory. You can choose any of the other methods available, such as mobile SMS, Passport or Driver’s License.

Can someone steal my identity from AgeID?

No. The only information stored at AgeID is your email, password, confirmation that you are over 18, and technical information to prevent fraud AgeID never has access to any of your personal information (e.g. your name or last name, national insurance number, address, credit card number or bank details). You can rest assured that AgeID considers the user’s privacy its top priority.

Does AgeID keep track of the sites I access?

No. AgeID is an age verification system, whose sole purpose is to provide seamless access to adult content while complying with the new UK law. It does NOT track the sites its users accessed, what content was viewed or how much time was spent online. AgeID is only a gate to the world of age-restricted content.

Can the information stored with AgeID can be used as blackmail?

No. Blackmail is a serious crime, commonly involving threats that force someone to give up property or money against their will. Most of the time, these threats concern exposure of sensitive and personal information. As AgeID doesn’t collect any sensitive information, you can rest assured that no information will be used for blackmail.

How long does it take to get age verified?

Most of the verification methods offered by AgeID provide instant access. Verification through Passport or Driver’s License may take a couple of minutes, as it may require scanning. The third party service will handle the verification process and return a confirmation to AgeID and voila! You’re in!

How can AgeID guarantee that the data collected will be secure?

AgeID stores the bare minimum of data to help combat fraud, increase security and administer your account. This information is encrypted such that it cannot be revealed in the unlikely event of a data breach.

Can I ask to be removed from the AgeID database?

Yes, you can request to be removed from AgeID database at any time. But please keep in mind that you will have to go through the age verification process again to access age restricted content. To have your information removed, please contact our support team at https://www.ageid.com/contact.


My business is not in the UK, do I have to get age verification?

With the new digital laws imposed by the UK government, age verification is now an essential element of a responsible business activity. If your business is not in the UK but you want to be accessible to UK users, you still need to have this age verification process. AgeID will help your business create a trusted relationship with your customers, offering an efficient verification experience.

What happens if I don’t have age verification on my site?

Age-restricted sites that serve the UK market will be required to verify that their users are of legal age. Infringing websites can be blocked at ISP level, have their payments services blocked, be delisted from search engines, social media accounts removed, and face financial penalties.

Why should I choose AgeID instead of other solutions?

AgeID is very affordable, easy to implement and offers a seamless experience for the user. If the user already has an AgeID account, they will not need to go through the age verification process again. Since AgeID will be used on some of the largest adult content sites in the world, your users are likely already age verified before visiting your site, allowing instant access as soon as you integrate it.

How does AgeID work?

We at AgeID want to enable you to conduct your business with confidence. With AgeID you will be able to protect your business and your customers against fraud regardless of where you operate.

Below is the step by step procedure of how AgeID does this:

  1. User accesses your site;
  2. You detect the user is visiting from within the UK and display a non-pornographic page with the AgeID code snippet, showing the AgeID dashboard;
  3. If the user is new to AgeID, the user will register an account;
  4. User will select the method of age verification from our trusted partners and provide their age verification information to them, not AgeID;
  5. If AgeID receives a “pass” from the provider, access is granted;
  6. Subsequent visits from the same user to any AgeID site will grant immediate access upon login, or a seamless pass-through if the user decides.
What information will AgeID collect from my users?

The only information collected by AgeID is the user’s email, password, age verification confirmation, and standard security information to prevent fraud. No information about what sites the user accessed or how much time they spent online is stored. AgeID considers the user’s privacy its top priority, so you do not need to worry about any data leaks.

Can I have access to the users’ information AgeID collects?

No. AgeID takes privacy and security very seriously, and it aims to provide a trustworthy service for UK users. AgeID does not share any login information with its network partners.

How much is AgeID?

AgeID costs a fixed fee per month. The fee varies depending on estimated levels of your sites UK traffic.

How long does it take to implement AgeID on my website?

AgeID should take no longer than a day to implement. We supply the API and associated documentation, and offer free assistance as required.