AgeID helps your website adhere to the new Digital Economy Act 2017. Our affordable system provides a seamless age-verification experience for your users while ensuring your website is compliant with the new law. Let us guide you through the easy implementation process and get AgeID on your website in no time.

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How does it work?

AgeID uses a very simple process to verify your users:

  • 1. VisitUser accesses your site
  • 2. LocateIf the user is in the UK you display a SFW page with the AgeID dashboard
  • 3. RegisterIf the user is new to AgeID, the user will register an account
  • 4. VerifyThe user will select and provide verification info to our trusted partners, not AgeID
  • 5. ApproveIf AgeID receives a "pass" from the provider, access is granted
  • 6. AccessThe user can now access all sites using AgeID

AgeID Benefits

AgeID helps website owners comply with the new law, protecting their business with an easy to deploy system. Here are some benefits of having AgeID on your website:

  • Help ensure adults can access age-restricted content
  • Protect your business against age verification fraud
  • Become instantly available to any AgeID verified user
  • Maintain your market reach
  • Regulatory peace of mind with a fully compliant system
  • A full suite of age verification solutions, ensuring all adults can verify

What if I don’t use age verification?

Here are some of the consequences of not complying with the new Digital Economy Act 2017:

Blocked by ISP All UK Internet Service Providers (ISP) will block non-compliant sites if demanded by the regulator, which means your site will not be accessible in the UK.

Blocked Payments The regulator can request that your Payment Service Provider withdraws their services, effectively removing your ability to process payments, globally.

Indexation and Accounts Removed Anyone facilitating the distribution or advertising of non-compliant sites can be asked by the regulator to withdraw their services. E.g. Search Engines, domain registrars, advertisers, social networks, forums, blogs, community hubs, etc.

Financial Penalties The age-verification regulator may impose a financial penalty on a non-compliant site of up to £250,000 or 5% of their qualifying revenue.