Our Story

Launched in 2015, AgeID was designed to provide a secure age verification system for adult content websites in Germany. In 3 years, AgeID verified 10,000 people, helping website owners run their businesses with confidence while preventing fraud and protecting their customers’ information.

With its solid background in the age-restricted industry and its focus on privacy and security, AgeID will soon be available for the UK market to help sites comply with the law.

Our Mission

Provide a fast, secure and easy to use Age Verification System that meets all requirements of the current legislation on age verification for online content and physical goods.

Our Core Values

We believe that the key to becoming a successful company is the core values that guide our actions. AgeID’s core values are:

  • PEOPLE FIRST. We always put our customer's concerns above anything else.
  • QUALITY. By partnering with secure age verification platforms, we are committed to connecting the public to various resources that will allow them to confirm their age, through the verification option of their choice.
  • INTEGRITY. We are truthful and transparent in all our dealings.
  • DEDICATION. We show dedication and thoroughness in our efforts at all times.